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Chutney Masala
Delivery/Takeout Menu
For takeout or delivery within 3 miles with a $50. minimum. To place an order click the link below
Available: Sun to Thur 12pm to 9pm; Fri & Sat 12pm to 9:30pm
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Bombay Bhel
A cold salad of puffed rice, diced onions, cilantro and tamarind chutney.
Avocado Paapdi Chaat
A combination of semolina crisps, avocado, savory yogurt, diced potato and chickpeas with tangy chutneys.
Potato Samosa
Savory turnovers potato peas and ginger stuffing.
Tofu Manchurian
Tofu in a sweet, spicy & tangy sauce.
Chicken Lollipops
chicken wings spicy sambal dip.
Served with tamarind, mango, and mint chutney.
Chili Chicken
Indo Chinese style spicy chicken in a ginger soy sauce.
Lamb Samosa
Savory crisp turnovers seasoned ground lamb stuffed.
Amritsari Macchi
Gram flour dusted crispy tilapia.
Ambi Jheenga
Sweet and spicy shrimp in a mango sauce.
Puli Rasam
Lentil based tomato and tamarind soup served with crisps.
Chick pea flour dusted vegetable fritters.
Imli Baigan
Eggplant fritters, coated with tamarind sauce.
Hara Bhara Kebab
Pan fried patties of spinach and homemade cheese with toasted lentils.
Bhindi Kurkuri
Crispy okra slivers, mango powder, and black salt.

House Specials
Chef's special combination platters served with raita, papadam, lentils, vegetable of the day, basmati rice, naan bread & dessert
Maharaja Thali
Chicken or lamb special of the day, amritsari macchi.
Maharani Thali
Home style cheese special of the day, hara bhara kebab.

Hyderabadi Dum Biryanis
A fragrant combination of long grain basmati slow cooked in a special copper vessel w/ fresh herbs, spices & served w/ raita (a cucumber yogurt cooler). Served medium spicy.
Hyderabidi Dum Chicken Biryani $24.00
Hyderabidi Dum Vegetarian Biryani $22.00
Hyderabidi Dum Lamb Biryani $26.00
Hyderabidi Dum Shrimp Biryani $26.00
Hyderabidi Dum Goat Biryani $26.00

Vegetarian Curry
Served with a side of basmati
Goan Vegetable Curry
Spicy and piquant veggie curry with coconut.
Baigan Bharta
Roasted skinless eggplant mash with green peas.
Baigan Mirchi Ka Saalan
Sweet and sour eggplant with toasted sesame and peanuts.
Bhindi Masala
Okra tempered with turmeric, diced onions, diced tomatoes and ginger.
Avial Malabar
Curry leaves infused coconut and yogurt vegetable curry from kerela.
Aloo Gobi Matar
Diced cauliflower, potato and peas, tomato garlic masala.
Saag Paneer
Fresh home made cheese folded in seasoned and tempered spinach.
Malai Kofta
Homemade cheese and potato dumplings in a creamy sauce.
Paneer Makhani
Paneer, knapped with Fenugreek scented tomato cream sauce.
Tofu Matar
Tofu and peas in a homestyle curry.
Chana Saag
Tempered pureed spinach with chickpeas.
Mutter Paneer
Homemade paneer cheese with peas in a homestyle curry.
Plain Saag
Classic pureed & tempered spinach.
Vegetable Korma
Creamy stew with fresh veggies.
Bombay Aloo
Fresh curry leaf tempering, tomato garlic masala.
Chana Marsala
Chickpea stew with tomato and ginger.
Dal Makhani
Whole black lentils, kidney beans, and clarified butter.
Dal Tadka
Yellow lentils, cumin and garlic temperling.
Punjabi Kadhi
Yogurt and gram flour stew with veggie dumplings.

Seafood Curry
Served with a side of basmati
Prawns Balchao
Tempered shrimps sauteed with garam masala. Extra Spicy.
Goan Shrimp Curry
Wild shrimp in a tangy and piquant coconut infused sauce.
Bhuna Shrimp Curry
Tempered shrimp sauteed with Garam masala.
Macchi Tariwali
Home style fish curry.
Meen Moille
Fresh Tilapia fillets, coconut yogurt sauce with a hint of ginger and green chilies.

Poultry Curry
Served with a side of basmati
Kozhi Vartha Kari
Coconut flavored chicken curry, tempered with fennel and curry leaves.
Chicken Tikka Masala
Chicken tikkas braised in a Fenugreek scented tomato cream sauce.
Chicken Chettinad
Spicy chicken curry with black peppercorns, fennel powder and curry leaves.
Kadhai Chicken
Boneless dark meat heaven
Chicken Saagwala
Medley of chicken and spinach in perfect harmony
Chicken Vindaloo
Spicy chicken curry with diced potatoes & malt vinegar.
Chicken Korma
Cardamom scented creamy curried chicken.
Chef Cream Chicken
Tandoori malai tikka in a delicate yogurt & cream sauce.
Mango Chicken
Curried chicken in a tart and sweet mango sauce.
Methi Chicken
Fenugreek-infused chicken curry.

Lamb Curry
Served with a side of basmati
Salli Boti Zardallo
Free range lamb stew with apricots topped with pommes mignonettes.
Lamb Vindaloo
Spicy lamb curry with malt vinegar, whole spices and potatoes. Extra Spicy.
Keema Matar Masala
Home style chopped lamb and fresh peas.
Lamb Nilgiri Korma
Free range lamb stewed in creamy mint cilantro sauce.
Lamb Saag
Combination of diced fork tender lamb & tempered spinach.
Raarha Goat
Punjabi curry goat
Lamb Curry Roganjosh
Curried lamb stew with anise seed powder.

Tandoori Plates
Served with a small taste of Dal Makhani (a buttery lentil stew) & basmati
Tandoori Subzi
Tandoor grilled savory vegetables along with homemade cheese.
Saunfia Paneer Tikka
Raisins and green chilies stuffed farmers cheese, marinated with aniseed powder infused sour cream, grilled in the tandoor.
Achari Murgh Tikka
Roasted boneless skinless chicken thighs in a tangy Indian pickle marinade.
Malai Kebab
supremes of chicken marinated in cardamom and mace flavored yogurt, roasted in tandoor.
Tandoori Chicken
All natural skinless half chicken, Tandoori masala.
Roasted Pompano
whole pompano,carom seeds, dijon mustard.
Tandoori Salmon Tikka
Chunks of wild salmon mild marination.
Jheenga Dum Anaari
Tandoori jumbo shrimps in a pomegranate powder and hung yogurt marinade.
Adraki Chaamp
Ginger infused lamb chops char-grilled in the Tandoor.
Tandoori Mix Grill
An assortment of achari and malai chicken tikkas, boti kali mirch and tandoori shrimps.

The most popular form of street food found in every part of the Indian subcontinent. Always vegetarian-perfect yin & yang.
Pani Poori
Semolina shells, Savory-spicy-sweet tamarind water.
Tikki Cholley Chaat
Potato patties, curried chickpeas and tangy chutneys.
Raaj Kachori
Fluffy shell, sprouted lentils, crunchy corn, yogurt and chutneys.
Jhaal Moori
Puffed rice, tamarind water & wasabi.

Street Food Favorites
Pao Bhaaji
Buttered soft rolls with veggie mash.
Wada Pao
Carb on carb delicious, spiced potato patty slider.
Bhurjee Pao
Indian masala scrambled eggs with pao bread.
Paneer Kati Rolls
Crumbled paneer cheese wrapped in a thin wholewheat tortilla.
Lamb Keema Pao
Buttery soft rolls with pounded lamb stew.
Chicken Kati Rolls
Spiced chicken tikkas, egg, whole wheat thin kerchief roti.
Fry Bread Tacos
Stewed chickpeas or Chicken Tikka, fluffy bread, pickled onions.
Mirchi Pakoda
Chickpea flour batter fried long hot peppers.

Baked fresh in the Tandoor
Classic Naan $5.00
Tandoori Roti (Whole Wheat) $5.00
Missi Roti (Chick Pea Flour) $7.00
Lehsuni Nan (Garlic) $7.00
Onion Nan $8.00
Paneer Kulcha
Homemade cheese.
Peshawari Naan
Sweet, nuts & coconut.
Ajwain Paratha
Carom seeds.
Fry bread two pieces.

Side of Basmati Rice $4.00
Mango Chutney $6.00
Toasted light & spicy lentil wafers, served with mango chutney.
Kheera Raita
Seasoned yogurt sauce with grated cucumber.
Organic Brown Basmati Rice $6.00

Homemade Sauces/Chutneys
Available in 8 oz. or 16oz. for add'l charge
Korma Sauce $5
Tikka Masala/Makhani Sauce $5
Spicy Vindaloo Sauce $5
Coconut Curry Sauce $5
Tamarind Chutney
8oz. or 16oz. for add'l charge.
Mint Chutney $5.00
Desi Ghee (10oz.)
Handcrafted, slow simmered, clarified butter.

Gulab Jamun
Crisped honey cheese balls dipped in rose flavored syrup.
Soft curdled milk whey balls, saffron & cardamom milk.
Gajar Ka Halwa
Warm carrot pudding.
Mango Mousse $9
Chocolate Delight
Chocolate cake vanilla.
Coconut Panna Cotta
Berry coulis

Non-Alcoholic Beverages
Mango Lassi $7
Salted Lassi $6
Mango Juice (Maaza) $5
Lychee Juice (Maaza) $5
Aqua Panna (1-L) $8
Pellegrino Sparkling Water (1-L) $8
Masala Chai $6
Unsweetened Iced Tea $5
Mocktail Of Your Choice $8
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